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When you woke up this morning, chances are you weren’t startled by the “boom!” of an exploding bomb or set on edge by the aggressive vibration of an AK47 riveting ammo through the air. And though the harsh battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan can seem like they’re a million miles from your city, don’t be fooled. 

You are living in a combat zone.

While breathing in the air of freedom, enjoying the privilege of home-educating your children, you can forget that you, too, are a soldier serving in a war that must be won, for the sake of not only your family, but for the generations yet to be born. 

“But, Denise . . .”

I know. You’re simply trying to keep your nose above the rising waters of that new unit study curriculum you bought, the ever-breeding laundry pile, your hungry household, that nagging to-do list. On many days you feel like a lousy teacher, but . . . a soldier? 

“Not ME!” you cry aloud.

Trust me. I’ve been parenting for over a quarter of a century and home-educating my five sons for nearly that long. From where I’m sitting, I can safely assume that you’ve already received several incoming missiles—perhaps even today—intended to take you out and get you to stop doing what you’re doing. Because, in truth, you have the most important job on the planet.

Plato said: “There are two important things in society: who gets to teach the children, and what do they get to teach them?” He knew that whoever owns the hearts of the kids will eventually own the civilization. That’s why home education is such an important movement, growing in the U.S. at the rate of 7% per year and graduating at least 100,000 students annually.

Home education is not just an academic option. Home education is a revolution. It’s about forging the parent-child relationship as God intended from the beginning. It’s Malachi 4:6 coming to life as the hearts of fathers are turned back to the children and, in turn, the hearts of children are turned back to the fathers. The results are irrefutable. The implications are mind-boggling. 

So Dad, Mom, you are “kind of a big deal” on the timeline of history at the moment. No one else can fulfill your role, and the time is “now.” I liken you to that heroic couple, Amram and Jochebed (Exodus 1), who, finding themselves pregnant in the direst of circumstances, decidedly met their challenge with faith, ingenuity, and resolve. Being of no reputation or means, and expecting a son at just the time when Pharaoh had decreed that all male babies be thrown into the Nile, they had every practical reason to cave. But they stood strong and refused to give place to defeat, which was setting a precedent for Moses, their deliverer-son, who would soon grow up and be facing much opposition of his own. 

Your task is of no less import. You are raising world-changers. Perhaps that’s why you find it to be so difficult that you’ve spent much time trying to convince yourselves that it really would be okay if you put the kids in public school for a year . . .