Excitement is contagious!  There is nothing more fun than seeing my children get excited about something I want them excited about. 


For example, if I want my children to get excited about doing something educational then I need to get excited about it myself.  When we were studying Ancient Rome, we were totally absorbed in the study partly because of my own excitement about studying something that was completely new to me.


I used to think long ago that the only way I could teach my children a topic was if I actually knew the topic well myself.  What I discovered though was that I could actually inspire my children to want to learn if I didn’t know the topic and wanted to learn all about it myself.  The excitement was infectious! 


I have discovered there are quite a few topics in which I had learned next-to-nothing about while in school.  Fortunately, my parents instilled in me a love for learning.  Now that I have time in which to explore the world around me I find myself excited about many topics.  I'm hoping to pass that excitement on to my children.  Often they will show me they are indeed developing a love to learn.


Ashley just the other day told me that she would love to learn Spanish.  It was just the phrase I was waiting for with her.  I went to my library and pulled off the shelf all the Spanish programs I had collected over the years.  We discussed them and she chose the one she thought would be the most enjoyable, but also covered areas she wanted to be sure were covered.  Her desire was not simply to learn Spanish to get a credit on her transcript, but so she could communicate effectively with Spanish speaking individuals.  Her fire had been ignited.


I've learned with Cathy that she doesn’t want to be fed a bunch of facts.  She gets excited about learning history when the people and places seem to become a part of her.  For her, reading historical fiction is a great way to inspire her to want to delve deeper into an historical time period or event.


Again, she often feeds off of my excitement.  Occasionally I've had to manufacture my own excitement, but even that can be infectious.


Just today I excitedly mentioned to Erica that she needed to get ready so she could go with Mommy to get immunized. She began jumping up and down with excitement.


Her older sister looked at her in a quizzical way which caused Erica to ponder why she was giving her a funny look.


Cathy then said, "Do you know what 'immunized' means?"