•   What games can you think of that would be good exercise? Go ahead and play them.


     •   Write a report describing the function of the heart, how it works, and how to maintain a healthy heart.

     •   Write two different stories about a man. Choose a name for him, an age, and where he lives. In the first story, make your character a man who exercises regularly. What does he look like? What kinds of exercising or activities does he do to stay fit? What kinds of hobbies does he have? What kinds of foods does he eat? When he goes to his doctor, what kind of report is he given?

In your second story, have the same character be a man who does not exercise regularly. Answer the same questions about him.


     •   Why Must... I Exercise? by Jackie Gaff (ages 4-8)

     •   My Amazing Body: A First Look at Health and Fitness by Pat Thomas (ages 4-8). Kids discover that our bodies have special abilities to protect us and restore our health.

     •   Get Moving: Tips on Exercise by Kathy Feeney (ages 4-8). Simply written. Explains why exercise and getting enough sleep are important for children.

     •   Hamster Camp: How Harry Got Fit by Teresa Bateman (ages 4-8). “Harry craved his candy. / He adored his pop and fries.” Bob the hamster is worried about his owner, Harry, so he takes him to Hamster Camp.

     •   Why Should I Get Off the Couch?: And Other Questions About Health and Exercise by Louise Spilsbury (ages 9-12)

     •   Five Kids & A Monkey Solve the Great Cupcake Caper: A Learning Adventure About Nutrition and Exercise by Nina Riccio (ages 9-12)

     •   Physical Fitness (My Health Series) by Alvin Silverstein (ages 9-12) 

Paula Miller is a children’s author, freelance writer, and homeschooling mom. She and her husband Travis live in south central Minnesota with their 4 sons. You can read more about Paula’s Faces in History Series for children 7 and up by visiting http://www.paulajmiller.com/

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