The third Scripture that comforted me is found in Psalm 139:16. "You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed." (NLT)

This verse made me wonder why I spend so much time fretting and striving. If God has ordained our every moment, why don't I just rest in Him and trust that He is making it all come together for His purposes?

As I rushed down the wet highway that morning, God reminded me that He controls not only my destiny, but also the destinies of my children. God put me in their life to care for them, love them, and pour into them--but I don't have worry and doubt my parenting, for their ultimate future does not rest upon me.

Though the weather that day continued cold and messy, my heart did not. I returned home and invited my son out for a birthday lunch, just the two of us. The relationship building that happened was far more important than the homeschool activity would have been. When I picked up the other three, they bounded to the car, jabbering non-stop about how wonderful their day had been. My oldest had been elected mayor and spent the day learning leadership skills, giving speeches, networking with others. She wouldn't have gotten that at home with her Science book. The struggling reader wasn't aware of his reading level. He fit right in with the other kids and the little one carried his duties well. What was it I worried so about?

I hope I can hold onto the lesson the Lord taught me that day. It seems too often I grasp His Truth, learn to entrust my children to Him, and then forget it the next time we hit a bump of some sort. But, I know that God in His love for this weary mom spoke definitively to me that day. Yes, my mothering will influence my children's futures, but I can trust that their ultimate destiny is shaped by the Fingerprints of God.


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