The higher one feels valued, the more a child is motivated to learn regardless of failed attempts. In fact, they begin to see failure as one step closer to success. I believe that it was Theodore Roosevelt who once said, "Success is failure upon failure, with great enthusiasm!"

May your children truly experience the freedom to grow in an environment of grace this summer. Surround them with heroes and heroines who model persevering character and noble deeds. May summer truly be a time for growth in your dear family.

Recommended Reading for:

Boys ages 12 and up

Shipwrecked; Sir Knight of the Splendid Way; Titus: A Comrade of the Cross; Stick to the Raft; The Highland Chairman; The Captive; Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross; The Archives of Anthropos; The Pillar of Fire; Boys of Grit Who Changed the World; Boys of Grit who Became Men of Honor; Joel: A Boy of Galilee.

Boys ages 8- 12

Teddy's Button; The Bird's Nest; Christies Old Organ; Christie the King's Servant; The Lost Ruby; Tom Watkin's Mistake; The Stolen Child; The Golden Thread; Clean Your Boots, Sir?; The Inheritance; The Hedge of Thorns; Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy.

Girls ages 12 and up

The Lamplighter; Sir Knight of the Splendid Way; Rosa of Linden Castle; The Wide Wide World; Titus: A Comrade of the Cross; The Pillar of Fire; The Three Weavers; Always in His Keeping; The Hedge of Thorns; What is Her Name.

Girls ages 8 - 12

Probable Sons; The Little Lamb; Nobody Loves Me; The White Dove; The Birds Nest; Jessica's First Prayer; Melody; Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy; Christies Old Organ.

Preschool - age 7

The True Princess; The Beggars Blessing; The Hedge of Thorns Illustrated; Bible Stories for Little Ears (audio drama); Patch the Pirate (audio - fun filled character lessons with Patch and his crew.)

Serving my King by serving you,

Mark Hamby, president of Cornerstone Family Ministries & Lamplighter Publishing,

Copyright, 2003. Use with permission. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.