I told her, "just sit down and be quiet."  I was a bit perturbed that I spent all that money on a movie for them, took time out of my busy life for my children, and now she was crying and complaining. Not exactly fruitful thinking.


Then David said, "You can sit here Briana, I can sit here another time."


I was floored! What a nice thing to do. That is when I had my big idea! Maybe the Big Idea Company should come up with Fruity Tales.  They could be talking bananas, pineapples and guava.  They could tell stories of living the fruit of the spirit. 


But then an even bigger thought entered my head. Maybe I could reward my children when I see them exhibiting the fruits of the spirit. We began talking, please note that I said talking, not lecturing, about the fruit of the spirit.  We talked about how the fruits are evidence of Christ living in our lives and working in our hearts.


Then I decided it would be kind of fun to make a big fruit basket at home filled with all sorts of fruity things. When I would see a child exhibiting the Fruits of the Spirit -- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control -- then I could reward them by telling them to pick from the fruit basket. 


We went to the store and picked out some fruit snacks and other assorted candy that claimed to have fruit in them.  Then we selected a great big basket as our fruit basket.  All the while we talked about what the different words meant and how they could be evidenced in our lives. It was a marvelous lesson for all of us. 


Just the other day Erica came to me and said, "Mommy, I think you were very self-controlled when Bryan was being naughty.  Maybe you should pick out of the fruit basket?"


And so I did!   


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