5. Rethink Education

Another misconception that has been promoted by public education is the establishment of “high test scores” as the highest goal for education. While test scores can be helpful in assessing progress, they should not be the main goal of education. As Christians, we should look to God’s Word as we formulate goals for our children instead of merely teaching them what the state says they should be learning. Our family has established the following educational goals:

1. Teach them the fear of the Lord as the foundation of knowledge.
2. Teach them to be self-learners.
3. Teach them how to think.
4. Teach them how to communicate effectively.
5. Teach them to love to read.
6. Teach them to be productive.
7. Teach them to understand math.
8. Teach them to love the arts.

Attentiveness, obedience, diligence, self-control—these traits are sorely lacking in many students. All of these are qualities are best taught in a relaxed, natural setting with an attentive parent.

As we look to the Lord for direction, understanding our responsibility to educate our children in a way that honors Him, we can lay aside our fears and others’ expectations and trust in the divine wisdom He has given us as parents to nurture our preschoolers, preparing them for a rich and full learning experience. May you trust in His power and know that “faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” (I Thessalonians 5:24)

Kelly and her husband, Aaron, enjoy a simple though busy life in the country with their eight children (and another on the way!). Kelly does occasional freelance writing and shares her passion for encouraging other women at www.GenerationCedar.com. But mostly she spends her days doing Kingdom work—hugging babies, washing dishes, and striving to put shoe leather on the gospel amid the busyness of home life.

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Publication date: September 13, 2013