I asked him about the damage that he was talking about with these children.  His entire response is too long for this column, however you could tune into www.thepathhome.com to hear his response.  Basically what he reaffirmed in my heart is that the "system" was set up to create a work force as well as to create consumers.  There is nothing of pure motive in the foundation of the school system. In fact, he went on to say that John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were strict Darwinists who believed that only one out of twenty people were in the higher evolutionary class.  The system as we know it was set in place to do something with the throwbacks.  Boarding schools were set up to aid in the breeding of the higher evolutionary classes.
This information astonished me!  I had never heard such a thing.  Much of the information John shared with me is available at his website, www.johntaylorgatto.com

Prior to my interview with John, my answers to why I home school, aside from the calling of God, were quite simplistic in nature.  After my interview, they became revolutionary!

I’ve been quite content sitting back educating my children.  However, John Taylor Gatto informed me that home schoolers are the single largest mass of people revolting from a society which is comfortable.  We are not willing to accept the status quo.  By the mere act of removing our children from the government schools, we are making a statement to the country.  We are telling them that the children of America are not just evolutionary throwbacks, but they are children who can return to the pioneering spirit which made our country great!  A spirit which enabled a mass of people to rise up against a super power and win.  Our children, the children who are being educated in our homes, are the catalyst to change and reform in the school system of America.  Our children are the leaders of tomorrow who are forging their own paths!

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