The Lord is teaching me to let go of perfectionism. Showing me that the secret to the Christian life is a relationship with Him. Anytime I focus on my behavior and working harder, I've lost the battle. My focus should be on Christ and what He did at the cross. This journey is not about me. Christ is the One who is perfect. He's the author and perfecter of my life. (See Hebrews 12:2) He's the One who takes all my mistakes, sins, inadequacies, and failures and changes them into something beautiful. He's the One that replaced my old, messy human heart with His own perfect one. My job is to keep my eyes on Him.

I forgot this as I let guilt consume me with my children that day. After all, I have no greater desire than to see them walk a godly life, fully devoted to God's plan for them. In my zeal to create the perfect home, the perfect life, the perfect KIDS, I returned to the enemy's lies.

Praise God! The pressure is off. I can get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit bring conviction, love, and change in my children. I can remember that they, too, have sinful flesh which battles against the Spirit within. I can quit taking their faults upon myself and let God make us all vessels that will glorify Him.

Good-bye guilt. Good-bye perfectionism. Hello, Jesus!

A home schooling mother of four, Paula Moldenhauer is passionate about God's grace and intimacy with Jesus. Her website offers home schooling hints, book reviews, and a free weekly devotional, Soul Scents. Subscribe to Soul Scents at You can contact Paula at This article originally appeared in Christian Families Online: