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High School Homeschooling, Christian Home Education

Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled, Part 1

Homeschool graduates Rachel Thomson and Carolyn Currey recently co-authored the newly released book, Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled, a collection of humorous glimpses into their lives as homeschoolers. Read more in this interview with the authors.

What You Need to Know about College Testing

Some of you are familiar with the different tests high school students are expected to take before applying to college. However, many people are completely confused by them.

The Date or Not-to-Date Debate

What Matters the Most

Despite our qualms, the truth always remains: except for God, no one can love these kids more than we do. No one knows them better than we do. But do they know that?

What about Youth Group?

When should we allow our children to become involved in church youth groups?

  • David and Laurie Callihan |
  • July 13, 2008 |
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Our Daniels

Daniel made the choice to keep himself pure. We, too, can raise the standard and raise a godly next generation.

Keep Your Teen Motivated To Learn!

Should Your Student Take a Gap Year?

Homeschool high schoolers have nothing to fear when it comes to college admissions. Most colleges are clear in their support of both homeschooled and gap-year students. So relax--and feel confident as you and your teens decide what is right for them...

Help Bring Your Prodigal Home

When your child walks away from Christ, it’s easy to feel despair. But there is hope, and there are actions you can take to help bring your prodigal home.

Training Children to Refuse Evil and Choose Good

One of the most heartbreaking experiences for Christian parents is when they see one of their children making damaging life choices with seemingly no interest in doing right. What can we do to help make sure that our children refuse evil and choose good?

The Big Day: Graduation

8 Principles for Seeking God's Will in College, Part 2

Since there are no formulas for discovering the will of God, we ought to utilize biblical principles. Here are biblical guidelines for those in college or soon-to-be college students.

8 Principles for Seeking God's Will in College, Part 1

College is a time when we really start to seek the concrete answers to the big question "What is God's will for my life?" Jonathan Morrow, author of Welcome to College, shares Biblically-based principles for current and soon-to-be college students...

A Practical Guide to Aiming High in High School

How will our homeschooled high school students actually achieve their lofty dreams? To help us visualize what a four-year plan leading to the accomplishment of high goals might look like, I will talk about three fictional students...

Teaching Your Daughter Modesty

With warmer temperatures comes a challenge for parents: how to help their daughters dress modestly?

A Question that Can Change Your Relationship with Your Teen

As problems develop in relationships, families might spend money on counseling, family conferences, books, and videos. These are important tools for gaining insight, yet most parents don't realize that they have the world's greatest relational instructors living right under their own roofs...

  • Dr. Greg Smalley and Michael Smalley, M.A. |
  • April 03, 2008 |
  • comments
Teen Girls at Risk

A recent study by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that at least one in four girls between the ages of 14 and 19 nationwide is infected with a sexually transmitted disease...

How to Instill Humility in Your Children

Humility is one of the rarest of all character traits - and the most desperately needed. Here are some ways we can encourage this character trait in our kids...

Preparing for Your Child's Teen Years

Every child is unique and will respond to the teenage years differently. But there are a couple key commitments you as a parent can make that will help guide your child through the teen years successfully...

  • Drs. Gary and Greg Smalley |
  • March 06, 2008 |
  • comments
In Praise of Purity

We must do a better job of instilling in young people a healthy fear - born from an awe of God's Word - of violating their God-given human dignity...

  • Janice Shaw Crouse |
  • February 29, 2008 |
  • comments
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