Editor's note: This article was originally published February, 2012.

Mobile technology is growing like never before. In 2012, continued growth in technology is forecast as people worldwide continue to adopt emerging technologies. Do you currently own a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or e-reader? Or do you plan to buy a mobile device in the coming year for use in your homeschool and household? If so, you are part of the growing community of digital natives who experts estimate will download a possible 50 billion apps in 2012.

Many beneficial apps are available for educational use. Students can learn, play, and communicate with digital media as never before. As most homeschooling families can testify, learning is truly fun, and educational apps provide a high-interest mechanism to stimulate learning. Thousands of educational apps are available in the Apple App Store and Android Market, and each month we will highlight a few of our top picks.

Here is a listing of February app picks of the month.'

Fine Arts

Art Set—iPad ($0.99) 

Age range: Elementary to adult

Art Set will turn your iPad into a virtual art studio. Some of the unique features include these: five blending tools, assorted paper textures, 3D textured oil paint, metallic colors, fluorescent colors, and virtual pressure sensitivity. You can use this app with all ages, and it is more sophisticated than typical art apps designed for kids. You also can import your own photographs and images and export your creations to your photo album.

My First Classical Music App—iPad ($4.99)

Age range: Elementary

This classical music app, based on the book My First Classical Music Book (Naxos, 2009), is an engaging introduction to composers and instruments of the orchestra. Three sections include “People” (Composers), “Instruments” (Orchestra), and “When? Where?” which highlights the venues of classical music.  Forty pieces of music and included and children will love the lively illustrations of interactive animals. 

History and Geography

Stack the States—iPhone/iPad/Android ($0.99 full app; free lite version available)

Age range: Elementary to adult

This app is a very fun way to learn all about the fifty states! It is a perfect app for learning the states and capitals at the elementary level, but all ages will enjoy this dynamic learning app, which features engaging activities covering fifty states, capitals, geography, state shapes, nicknames, and fun facts. You will want to download the full version to experience all of the features.

Language Arts

Kindle—iPhone/iPad/Android (free)

Age range: Elementary to adult

The Kindle app is a must-have resource for every homeschool family. Thousands of free E-Books, including most classic literature titles, are available for free download. You can install the Kindle app on your PC, Mac, and mobile devices, and the Whispersync technology will synchronize all of your E-Books and E-Publications so that you can pick up your reading where you left off—no matter which device you are using. For example, I download E-Books with the Kindle app and they automatically are synchronized on my PC, iPhone, and iPad so that I can keep up with my reading wherever I am throughout the day. This is a perfect resource for busy homeschooling families! Some of our favorite E-Books that we have downloaded for free include classical literature and G. A. Henty titles.