A word of advice: ask someone to check all the calculations to make sure everything is correct. Working with so many numbers can easily result in mistakes.

Grading Scales

You may have noticed that some transcripts include a grading scale or grade table. This is optional. If you taught all the courses to your teen throughout high school, the grading scale or table can be helpful to the person reading the transcript. However, many homeschoolers will take one or more courses from outside instructors. These teachers use their own grading scales which will likely be different from yours. In this case, it’s advisable not to include a grading scale or table on the transcript.

Transcript Summary

Hang in there; you’re just about finished! The last part of the transcript will show the academic summary with the grand totals of credits, cumulative GPA, and date of graduation.

Don’t forget to sign and date your document. Every time a transcript is requested, please present a signed original. We hope it goes without saying, but never send anyone a handwritten document.

If you begin working on your transcript as soon as your teen completes a high school course and add to it each year, by the senior year you’ll only need to polish it up in time to present to colleges, employers, scholarship committees, and others. You’ll be excited to give it out!

Now that you have these tools, we hope you tackle transcript preparation with more confidence. Keep a copy of the transcript handy—you never know when your teen (and future adult) will need to produce it. In our experience, adult children sometimes need a transcript for certain jobs, certification, or enrolling in post-high school training in later years.

Follow the steps above for fearless transcript preparation, and rest easy knowing that your teen’s high school academic record is ready for viewing.  

Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer serve as High School Consultants for the Homeschooling Thru High School Program of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They are nationally acclaimed speakers and authors on high school topics. As former homeschool moms whose adult children have graduated from college, Becky and Diane can relate to your homeschool joys and challenges. Their desire is to help you homeschool high school with excellence. Most of all, they pray that your homeschooling years are full of delight, knowing that your investment in your teens is seen and rewarded by the Lord. Benefit monthly from their expertise by signing up to receive their free monthly e-mail newsletters, on topics of interest to those teaching high school at home. If you are interested in having them speak to your group, contact them at highschool@hslda.org

Publication date: September 19, 2012