On the other hand, when a teen doesn't fail, reward them! Give them some positive feedback and reasons to continue making right choices. Thank them for thinking it through and coming to the right conclusion. Use their good decisions as an opportunity to give them more freedoms and therefore, more opportunities to make right choices.

You'll provide your teen with the strength and discernment they need later in life by spending less time sheltering and hovering, and more time helping them learn important lessons on their own. Appropriate freedom along with responsibility can be the catalyst to develop discernment and maturity in your teen.

Ultimately, you'll have to put your teen in God's hands.  He loves and wants to protect your teen as much as you do. So pray, trust God to direct your child's path, and believe that He will make all things work toward His higher good. Pray for your teen's protection, for the right people to come into his life and for the lessons he'll learn as he begins to experience more freedom.

Originally posted August 2, 2009.

Mark Gregston is the host of Parenting Today's Teens radio and the Founder and Executive Director of Heartlight Ministries, a residential counseling program for struggling teens which can be reached at 903-668-2173.

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