• Packaging--The student has to be "packaged" with all the proper forms, letters, and documentation to compete with top students across the country and across the state. Most high school counselors know how to prepare and package a student for competition, but few parents do; so seek help.
  • Start Early--The college search should take place during the spring of the junior year. The college should be selected over the summer, and applications should be sent out the day after Labor Day of the student's senior year.
  • Service Academies--West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and other service academies require "special" packaging. Most people don't know where to start.

Scholarship Competition
Seeking and obtaining scholarships is difficult to almost impossible to those who don't know how to do it ... and easy for those who do know. Believe it or not, scholarships are more a function of positioning and packaging the student than they are of good grades and high SAT scores (which are still important). 

  • Packaging, again--Every year, well-packaged "B" students get big scholarships while many "A" students get what's left over. 
  • Start Early--Scholarships are usually decided by December the senior year.
  • Athletic Scholarships--In many cases, even an average athlete can get an athletic scholarship. Often overlooked are smaller colleges and junior colleges that have fine athletic programs but don't have a large recruiting budget. Even colleges that do not give "athletic" scholarships are known to give a good athlete an "academic" scholarship to attend.

Once this decision is made, pre-college preparation in reading, study, testing, and writing skills should begin. College or university selection, application, financing and enrollment will soon become an issue. Are AP tests better than CLEPs? Learn what 2,800 college and universities have to say. Which colleges are "looking" for students? Let Dr. Beasley answer these and many other questions about college in his College 101 Guide, FREE to our readers. Just send an email to gatewayprep@yahoo.com with your name, city, and state, and you will receive Dr. Beasley's 15-page College 101 Guide FREE via return email.


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