Jewell had no idea who Loren would be as she traveled through life day to day, and my friend is now watching as all of her five children have picked up her passion for missions around the globe. Both mothers’ goals were the same: to raise their children to love God first, everything else second.

The last great hero of the faith may be someone you’ve never thought of as heroic. This is a person called by God to shepherd His children to His feet so that He can take their hands and direct them to their mission fields, a person who would lay down his or her life for those children, just as Jesus laid His life down for us. A person who is a bold missionary, ensuring any little ones brought up in his or her home will walk away with knowledge of Who Jesus is and what He did on the cross—armed to evangelize.

In order to see this hero, you must get up and walk to the closest mirror, look deep into your reflection’s eyes, and see the picture of a hero God has placed in your home. The hero of our faith I want to introduce you to is you, the homeschooling parent.

Jenn Hoskins is a wife, homeschooling mom of six, and founder of Mommy Evangelism, a ministry devoted to training moms to sharing the Gospel during the busy season of motherhood. You can find out more by visiting or reading her personal blog at

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Publication date: July 10, 2013