Other than being homeschooled, which helped tremendously, what else made a difference? Besides the supplements I’ve been taking to help me think and not react (see Dianne Craft’s “Biology of Behavior” at www.diannecraft.org), what else shaped who and where I am today? The main answer is Jesus. He alone can change people from the inside out. Now I’m not saying that my mom woke up one day to find a wonderful daughter who loves to clean the house and be respectful, but something did change, thanks to the prayers of my wonderful mom and dad, who didn’t give up.

The answer to their prayers came when someone wouldn’t leave me alone until I went to the youth group she was attending. This person insisted that this one was different and that if I didn’t like it then I didn’t have to go back, and she would never ask me to go again. It has been almost a year, and I cannot imagine where I would be now without getting together every Friday to worship Jesus with youth who are on fire for Him. The group has no cliques, no dating, and no games or dead religion—just Jesus. He has captured my heart with His love, and I want to represent Him well and give Him my everything. That has made all the difference. Previously, I was bored with normal Christianity and church. Now I am excited to see what God has planned for me!

Are things still hard for me? Absolutely! Homeschooling doesn’t guarantee perfection, supplements don’t change who I am, and Jesus didn’t say that He would make things easier. But I know that the Bible is clear about who is supposed to teach the children whom God has given, and if we let Him, Jesus can turn our world upside down and help us see all the wonderful possibilities He has in store for us.

Hannah Wuehler is a 2012 homeschool graduate and daughter of Richard and Deborah Wuehler (Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine), and she has seven siblings. She will be attending a trade school next spring to become an equine massage therapist with the goal of working at therapeutic riding centers for disabled children and adults. You can email her at hwuehler@gmail.com.

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Publication date: May 8, 2013