Four a.m. I awoke. This has been a tough year. I have experienced a great deal of loss, and sleeping doesn’t come easily. My heart aches with sadness. This crisp and cold morning, however, it wasn’t the inability to sleep that woke me—it was a voice. It clearly said, “Come, let me show you what I have been teaching you.”

Sadness and sorrow bring the question why to the beginning of many thoughts. As a Christian, it is one thing to know and remind ourselves the truths we are taught in Scripture: All things are of him, by him, and through him. All things are for his glory, but the heart still aches.

We are also blessed to have Genesis 3:15, for this answers so many of the why questions. Sin has entered the world, and through it, so has the pain and suffering that we will all experience.

For me, the comfort for this painful year came through a voice. What was said next calmed my spirit, made me realize the vast love of our God, and brought fresh understanding while renewing my faith.

“I have taught you to number your days.”

I quickly bolted out of bed to grab my Bible. You see, I have heard these words before—number your days. After a quick Google search, I came to Psalm 90:12:

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom."

That morning the Lord, through the Spirit, used the Scriptures to minister to my aching soul. As a mom, in the days that followed, I thought often of our children and how I should prepare them to hear from God. You see, this is not the first time I have heard from the Lord—with Scripture memory, journaling, copying verses, and daily reading, the words of God are etched in my mind. No, I cannot recall each verse by memory, but when the Spirit speaks a memory ignites and grace is experienced.

So how can we help our children ready themselves to hear from God?

Preschool and Elementary

When our kids were wee little ones, I was a new Christian. I would read about fifteen minutes each day from the Scriptures. I was always amazed at how the much these little five- and seven-year-old girls retained and understood.

In the area of phonics and reading, the Bible was their practice book. Sitting by their side, I could help them both decipher the words and understand the meaning. For handwriting and copy work, Bible verses were an inexpensive alternative! We could barely afford schooling material in our young married lives, and little did I know how much this would influence these kids.

Middle School

By the middle school years, the kids began to understand that in the early morning, Mom was up to something. She had her coffee, Bible, and journaling book on the table. Sometimes there were used tissues, and sometimes mom sat looking heavenward, in awe of learning a little bit more about the great God of heaven!

I began teaching the kids the importance of reading the Bible for themselves and memorizing scripture. We were involved in church programs that rewarded Scripture memory, and we would hold contests to see who could memorize entire chapters of the Bible.

At some point in their middle school years, they began to journal. Simply taught, they would begin by copying a few Scripture verses (we taught them to read through a book a few verses at a time). Then they would journal their thoughts and ideas, coupled with a prayer list.

High School

I am going to be completely honest here. I could continue this article by giving you the perfect recipe for instilling Bible into your high school student, but if my girls read this (I have one in college and two in high school), they would know that mom did not do those things with them.