As you see in this link, there were a few simple ideas we were able to share quickly, that may really help a home-schooling family to make efficient use of their time, money, and resources.  Why should we all have to struggle through this thing?  Why not take advantage of other's ideas? 


As home-schooling families, we have the opportunity to network with one another.  Take advantage of each others' talents and gifts.  Look around for ideas that work for your family.  Share the ones you have that helped make your life easier.  By doing this, we are helping one another to excel, moving things to the next level.


Those who have successfully home schooled through high school know that what we are doing for our children is the right thing to do.  We have given our children an advantage.  That advantage is multiplied with every succeeding year as we gain more wisdom in how to do things well.  It's by interacting with one another that we improve.  So find those in your area who are like-minded and bless one another.


Take advantage of those who are outside your local community as well.  By attending home-school events, and using the Internet, you have access to so much.  Obviously, that's what makes (and even our Web site, and other home-schooling Web sites, e-groups, and Web rings so valuable.

You can gain insight without even leaving your home.  So use all of these tools to your children's advantage.  The results will go way beyond what you may even imagine.  Other ideas to follow . . .


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