Some schools simply award half-a-credit for each semester of work in a subject, disregarding the 120-hour rule.  Whatever system you use should correspond to ones used by traditional schools and expected by college admissions offices.  Be sure to explain your method of awarding credit in a note on the transcript.  As a general rule, to graduate high school will require twenty units (some schools or states may require slightly more or less).

After saying all that, we should warn you that some colleges will not even want your transcript.  Many are now admitting home schoolers with SAT or ACT scores alone, or on the basis of a portfolio.  Make sure to check with the school for their specific requirements.

Next, we will discuss some tools to track your child’s progress, how to determine GPA, and a few thoughts about standardized test results.  If you want to get going on record keeping, check out our “Grand Plan” materials or our book, The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School:  A Parent’s Guide for Preparing Home School Students for College or Career on our Web site at