In finishing up this series of articles on how to practically home school your older children through the high school years, we thought we would follow up with you one more time on this whole "Double Crediting” idea.


Probably some of these ideas are a bit new to you.


Many parents are slow to embrace a new idea many times because they aren't sure how to proceed.  Or they might not be too comfortable being the first in the neighborhood to try it.  In some cases, they just don't know that the concept even exists, let alone works.


What we can tell you is that we have used this Grand Plan idea ourselves with all five of our children.  We have shared it with numerous home-schooling families all over the country.  Many parents have thanked us for it.


It isn't a panacea though.  Some children are still going to be harder to teach than others.  Certain ones will continue to be lethargic.  Others will be off the charts academically.  The fact is that every individual is going to be different.  And ultimately, we need to adjust to our children and their uniquenesses.  That is what God intends.


However, we still think that by using the concepts in the Grand Plan along with tools like CLEP tests, you can give most students a great alternative that can put them leagues ahead in a short period of time.


One of Laurie's favorite celebrities is Dr. Walter Williams, former professor of Economics at George Mason University.  (Dr. Williams is probably best known as a substitute host of the Rush Limbaugh Program at times when Rush is on vacation.)  Recently David read an article by Dr. Williams in which he indicated that the college graduate of 2002 has the equivalent academic training of a high school graduate in 1947! 


What this means is that if we are giving our children an above average academic training, they can excel way beyond what most high school students achieve.  This is why home schoolers are exceeding the normal high school student in standardized test scores by 15 to 35 percent (ranking in the 65th to 85th percentile while the national average is the 50th percentile, according to Dr. Brian Ray of National Home Education Research Institute.) 


Home schoolers are doing this without even knowing why it is happening in many cases.  We aren’t academicians.  We are loving parents.  But that is enough in many cases.


Let's suppose however that you are able to give your child a way to excel even more.  We believe that by using tools like a Grand Plan and CLEP exams to validate learning while rewarding the student, you are providing incentives that will help a home schooler to want to excel.  This isn't rocket science.  It just has to do with the fact that people do best when they not only know the "how" but also the "why" for doing what they do.  People are designed to live by motives.  That is what it means to do something with all our heart.  It has to do with the reason "why" we do it.