The Bottom Line

My purpose has not been to deride socialization or suggest that children don’t need any interaction with others—including peers. Indeed, we must make sure our children learn to interact with others in positive ways. That’s why we should seek good socialization that will help us along toward that goal.

The socialization debate probably isn’t going away anytime in the near future. The pressure to conform to the world’s ways will most likely continue. That’s why we need to take a deliberate, intentional approach to this important aspect of life. Relationships matter. They give meaning and depth to life. But we shouldn’t take a light or careless attitude toward socialization. And we shouldn’t allow our socialization philosophy to be defined more by society than by Scripture.

Let’s challenge the world’s assumptions and map out a new path. Let’s stop falling for the socialization deception once and for all.  

Jonathan Lewis, 29, is a homeschool graduate, and glad of it! He is one of the founders of Home School Enrichment and enjoys writing and speaking from his perspective as a homeschool graduate. In May 2011, Jonathan and Linnea were married, and had their first baby on May 27th of this year. If you would like to invite Jonathan to speak to your group—or to get in touch with him for any other reason—drop him a note at

This article was originally published in the Jul/Aug 2012 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Learn more at

Publication date: January 23, 2013