This is why every Christian parent must be on their knees seeking God and His way for their children for that day. God created our children and He knows what they need to grow and develop into healthy adults. They need blocks of leisure time as well as the daily discipline of school work, chores and responsibilities. They need the chance to choose an excellent activity over a multitude of good ones. They need to see Mom and Dad developing a prayerful plan and for the most part, following it on a daily basis. Will that allow for occasions when we flex and do something totally spontaneous? Certainly! And when those times come, we can enjoy them all the more because we have the confidence that we are on track with a plan God has given us for the year. With that in place, we can confidently say "no" to the opportunities that detract from what we see as "the main thing". This is truly when "less" is "more"!

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JoAnn Dorrepaal is a born-again Christian and a teacher who lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her husband, Mark. During her career, she has worked with students in public schools, Christian schools and has also enjoyed some time teaching her own three children at home. JoAnn is a speaker, writer and advocate for today's Christian women to live the abundant life. You can email JoAnn at

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