It said, Bloom Where You're Planted.

God has put me where I am for a reason. I know that He has a purpose for my life, and I know (despite my occasional 'trips') that I'm blessed. I know that I would not trade my crazy, hectic life for anything. The thought of not having my children around me, the thought of not seeing my girls spin in circles with their 'princess dresses', or the thought of not being woke up to my son with his chubby little hand on my cheek, whispering, 'You're the fairest one of all', is overwhelming. I could not imagine my life without the joy and pride I feel when I see my two oldest daughters serving our family out of their love for God. And my littlest son, even when he is sticking my hair up his nose, is the most precious and darling gift that I could wish for.

What if I did not have them? Who would they become if I were dashing off to carry out a life of self-fulfillment? Could any type of glamorous life replace what I have? Is there any dream that pursues 'self' that can give the satisfaction and joy that my family brings? I am where God has placed me; I can "Bloom where I have been planted" and make my life beautiful in this little garden as I grow in the love and knowledge of my Lord, stretching upward to honor Him with what I've been given.

The World would have you believe that you have sold yourself short if you have given your life to God, to your husband, and to your family. The World would have you believe that the role of "homemaker" is archaic or even barbaric and that women should be out realizing their full potential.

But truly, when I am old and gray, I could care less if I never hear, "Mrs. Igarashi, you've just been made CEO of XYZ company", or "Mrs. Igarashi, you've just won the 'Best Dressed and Nicest Nails' award" or even, "Congratulations, Jen, you've just won the Pulitzer Prize". No. What I really want to hear someday, is, "You were always there, Mom, even when it was hard or boring or messy and exhausting. You must have loved us so very much." And when my time here is up, and I leave my little Garden, I want to hear from my Lord, "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

God bless you as you remember why you follow Him, and be strengthened with the knowledge of His love and perfect purpose for your life. May I remember as well.

"She watches over the affairs of household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." ~ Proverbs 31:27-29 

Originally published on January 19, 2009

Jenefer Igarashi lives in East TN with her husband, Geoff the Great; together they homeschool their six kids on a little farm.  She can be contacted by email,, or thru her blog,