7.)     The creative child who has no energy to do mundane, routine activities can suddenly be energized beyond measure when an idea strikes. Self-motivation is the greatest motivation and the most long-lasting. It is hard to give up on your own idea, and adrenaline provides the power to keep at it. 

8.)     The creative child has strong interest in the whys. An accurate response to the question of why creative children ask endless questions could be, "I know I don't have to know, but I just want to know." Creative kids are curious, but don't be surprised if they have limited areas of interest.

9.)     The creative child is opinionated. Creative kids know what they like and are willing to let you know precisely what it is. It is important to remember that their tenacity may be limited to only certain topics or disciplines.

10.)   The creative child trusts his intuition. It may be difficult, if not impossible, for him to adequately present a convincing argument for a position he holds. A creative child will trust his intuition until a factual demonstration proves him wrong. Even then he is reluctant to yield.

Whenever you are examining human behavior, it is important to remember this bit of advice: each person is to be loved, not dissected. In the process of looking at various aspects of creativity and creative children, we must remain constantly aware that we are created in God's image.

God created and said it was good. We constantly strive to follow His example, and in the next installment of this series, we will consider four things: fostering creativity, developing a pattern for doing creative activities, compiling a list of what parents should give creative (all) children, and finally examining how this information may be used in releasing creativity through creative writing. 

*This article published January 12, 2010.

Dr. Marvin G. Baker did pioneer research in creativity and received his EdD from Ball State University. His doctoral dissertation, Motivation for the Release of Creativity through Creative Writing, was based on 2400 writing samples of sixth grade students.

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