We had to make a lot of phone calls – but the Christian schools in our area first agreed to put us on their scrimmage schedule and eventually invited us to participate in a couple of tournaments. We’ve also found three or four home-school teams to play.  And because of this, our league is growing.  At first our level of play was embarrassing. But that was to be expected. And now we are actually competitive.  This year, our third, we have high hopes of having a winning season.  Again, all the benefits of solid Christian coaching and rich friendships for our daughters are what really make the effort worthwhile. 

So, let me encourage my readers to consider throwing their efforts into growing home-school sports leagues in their region.  I will not be surprised if there are as many in a few years as there are now support groups and co-ops.  These sports leagues will give our kids a great opportunity to stay physically fit, make good friends, and eventually rise to a level of play that will be every bit as competitive as that found elsewhere.   Plus, all that enthusiasm we parents bring to home schooling indicates we have what it takes to be rabid fans. 

In His Sovereign Grace, 


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