Many of you were raised similarly. You know what I mean about the sponge. I don't want that for my children; it's not God's way. They are called to something much, much higher, and do you know what's really exciting about that? The Lord has equipped us, imperfect mommies and daddies, to raise them up in a way they should go. He gave us these precious gifts for a reason! We can direct what hits the sponge.

What does His word say about raising children? Deuteronomy 6:7—And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

Can we achieve this if we send them out all day? Sounds like we are to be training them up in Him, teaching them, right? When we rise in the morning, when we lay them down at night, when we walk throughout the day and even while sitting with them in our homes. If they are gone all day long, how does this work? Can it? Even worse, what about the sponge? Who is filling it? Even if you can get a few quick sound bites into them in the morning and at night, what about their real life? What about those who are truly raising them up? Because if you send them away, make no mistake, you are not personally raising them up. Someone or something else is. Beware of this truth, please.

The ones who raised me accomplished their goal. My sponge was filled and filled until it "ran over." And the things that ran out were a stench, pure sewage. I got quite the education while being raised by my wolves. And statistically, I should have ended up a wolf myself, wholly poised to carry on the tradition and raise my own.

But the Lord had the next generation in mind for something greater. He stopped the tradition in its tracks and issued Paul and me a new one. Our children are homeschooled. Their sponges are filled by those who we allow to influence them, namely, us. We fill them with God's Word, Truth itself. We tailor their education so that, unlike me, they actually receive some semblance of "academics" within that education.

Many folks believe that their local government schools are safe. They have no idea what's really going on. I can tell you story after story, things that would drop your jaw. Parents are losing their Christian children to the world in droves because of the wolves who are truly raising them. They believe the lie (sometimes from their own pastors, even!) that, not to worry, they are the ones actually raising their kids up, not the schools. They are blind to the homosexual agenda, the "religion" of evolution, the "swaying away from" their parents which they are receiving from their teachers and/or peers. Some school teachers literally tell the students not to tell their moms and dads what happens in class. Several schools force participation in "Gay Day" events or "tolerance assemblies." Kids have no choice but to go and watch the smut—this is "education." Teens in Georgia were taken to an offsite clinic where some were given pap smears, AIDS tests, contraceptive devices, and a "good talking to" (more "education")—all without the parents knowing of the little field trip. And if the parents ask for the results of pregnancy tests or AIDS tests, guess what they get told? Basically, to mind their own business! Have you heard of the Title X program? Look into it. There are "privacy rights" your child has that you probably don't even know about—and it's all federally funded and made use of by many schools now. If we turn our children over to the schools, they become the business of the schools. And the parents are often the last to know, if at all.

Parents are oblivious of the R-rated visuals their children are taking in on a regular basis, the exposure of pornography on the school buses, the hushed discussions and even sexual encounters their children get to gawk at. The parents are not there, so they do not know what happens during the hours and hours their children are away. See my blog for more of such reportings, complete with site sources (