I went shopping at a mega building supply store and purchased all my materials. The total cost came to a whopping $9.14 cents. That night, I cut all the required pieces, and assembled my first weapon. From across the room I loaded and blew into the mouthpiece. I scored a direct hit!

The marshmallow didn't cause Steve any pain when it hit him in the back of the head, but it did startle him. He gave me a mean look ... for a moment. Then he quickly went to the pile of PVC pieces, put together his own gun in record speed. He loaded and shot. A direct hit right to the belly! Then I saw the gleam in his eye. He was ready to go shoot all the kids! I reminded him that it was well past midnight and perhaps it would be better to not fill their beds with miniature marshmallows.

The next day, the children quickly began assembling their own weapons. They even decorated them, thinking it would be a terrific home-based business. They figured out the cost of materials, and deduced that they could make about a 70 percent profit. The wheels began turning as they experimented with different barrel lengths, marshmallow sizes and air speed. They conspired about who would be the first to be blasted full force by every marshmallow in the house. They decided that when their dad got home from work that night, it would be war!

While they played with their weapons, we also discussed safety at length, and that they are never allowed to play with real guns or to ever aim a real gun at each other.

As Bryan loaded his gun, he said, "Yeah, Mom. We know, the Bible says, 'Thou shall not kill!' Then he took a deep breath and accidentally sucked the marshmallow into his mouth. "But thou shall eat!" someone else shouted.

In addition to devoting herself to her husband and the eight children she home schools, Terri also enjoys writing and speaking to offer encouragement to women in an effervescent, humorous way. Visit her website at www.ignitethefire.com or e-mail her at terri@ignitethefire.com.