Next, one person should very gently blow into the short section of the straw, creating "wind" over the water. Another person should measure and write down the height of the wave created by the wind. Repeat the procedure a couple more times, blowing harder each time. Record all of your findings.

Then empty the water and move the straw higher up in the same position so that it is at least 3/4 inch above the bottom of the baking dish. Add the water once again till it reaches just below the long section of the straw. Repeat the experiment and record your findings. What does your research show about the effects of wind speed and water depth on wave height during a hurricane?

Fascinating Fact 

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale categorizes hurricanes according to wind speed.

  • Category 1: 74-95 wind speed
  • Category 2: 96-110 wind speed
  • Category 3: 111-130 wind speed
  • Category 4: 131-155 wind speed
  • Category 5: >155 wind speed 

I hope you have learned that it takes a lot of different factors coming together to create a hurricane. They have a lot of power and strength that man cannot control. We can only move out of their paths to safety and try afterward to repair the damage done. We should remember that God has even more power. He created the world! However, instead of moving away from Him, He wants us to come to Him, remembering who He is.  

*This article published on January 27, 2010. 

Melissa Pinkley enjoys life with her husband, Wes. They learn a lot from their four children: Ben, Micah, Levi and Abigail. Homeschooling goes on 24/7 for the whole Pinkley family. They have been homeschooling for 6 years.  The Lord is gracious and continues to help them follow Him.

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