Is there life after home school? Is there a reason to finish our children’s education at home? I have to say that from my experience the answer is definitely "Yes!" There is definitely a future for your home-educated child. Many wonder about it. Many predict that it is impossible. They don’t understand.

I know, because I have been there. My husband and I, together with what were to become some of our dearest friends, began home schooling about twenty years ago. Can you believe that? I almost cannot. It was nearly unheard of, back then. There were no home school web sites, no support groups, no magazines, no newsletters, and almost no other people... well, I guess you could say that we are antiques. Some people thought we were breaking the law. Some of our families would not speak to us. We did not know where the adventure would go, but we did know where we would NOT go. Home schooling cost us in many ways (though not much monetarily) and we knew we could never throw away such a costly advantage. That was enough to keep us going, back then.

These days, though, people are seeing fruit. We have been there and done it and now some of us are writing the books. In some cases, our friends literally have helped the colleges rewrite their admissions policies to accommodate us. Three of ours have gone to college, passing CLEP tests, and earning scholarships. I relate this to show that entering college is much easier for home schoolers, now, because schools court us. Yes, in these days of crumbling social skills, the college admissions people still know how to woo parents.

Does this startle you? It should not. Think for a moment: The national study that delineates exactly what causes improved learning reads as if someone had been watching our home schools. Everything that home schooling parents do, from start to finish, is in that study. Unknown to us, or to them, ours is the only set of circumstances deliberately designed to enable the teacher to do everything exactly right. So, of course, our children are set up to succeed. Then, surprise, surprise: another study, one that investigated who was doing best in college, found that it was not the public, nor the private schools, but home schoolers, all grown up, crunching the books.

It is no wonder that people want our kids. Mention home school and you get the job. Have you begun to notice that? We have. Whether it is mowing, grocery bagging, childcare, radio, art, printing, accounting, research, teaching, veterinary or any imaginable field, what we are speaks so loudly, they do not need to hear what we say It is the life-style, the diligence, and the discipline, which make us attractive. People wish they could be like us. Lacking that, they hope to hire our children. It is almost as if they are casting a vote for our way of life, by helping our children along. In this wrong, wrong world, they have found something that is dependably right, right, RIGHT, and they like it. So many people are so glad simply to see a clean, healthy young person who does not have a chip on his shoulder—it just makes their day, gives them hope, easing their worries a little.

It should. You see, somewhere, deep inside every person, is the witness that the Lord’s ways are altogether good and right. Some people will never acknowledge that, but they cannot help but be glad when they see something that they can recognize as good and right, whether they acknowledge it as coming from the Lord or not. They have seen plenty of the other results—the results of the world’s ways. There is not a person on this earth, I hope, who thinks it is good that children are murdered at school. No one thinks that the children should be blowing up the schools. Who, in his right mind would approve of drug dealing in the hallways?

Ok, so we agree that we should go on with this home school idea, although we do not feel like it, maybe. The days come, though, when we do not think that we can do it, right?