But, oftentimes, this nearly fruit-barren wilderness is taken for granted by the father. More often than not, he concludes that his lack of playing an active role in educating his children is normal and acceptable He hides his passive stance behind the excuse of being concerned with what he perceives as the more daunting troubles of life, such as providing food for the table and dealing with issues from work.

Sadly, children sense this conviction. They learn from it. They begin to think that dad's troubles are primary concerns of life. And, in time, if your children are quick learners, they too will learn how to misalign their priorities and how to elevate the secondary.

For many children, this would be a pity. Not only would they be gleaning what many of us fundamentally believe is poor sustenance, they would fail to learn what most of us want to teach--that faith in God and love of family transcends the issues of this world.

But, thankfully, the slumber of my passivity is over, and now is the time to offer apologies and make offerings for what I consider to have been sinful neglect. With God taking the lead, I realize that my wife and my children need me to become a more integral part of the learning process. And, with God's help, I will be able to take the lead and bring my children into a spiritual and educational land of promise that's overflowing with milk and honey.


Joel King is the father of three children: Jordan, Joshua, and Matthew. In addition to these blessings, he is also the husband of an exceptionally talented wife. Joel is an insurance agent whose interests include writing and spending time with his family.

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