There's nothing like being with an expert, to learn and catch the excitement of his expertise. Bird-watchers can share from their abundance of knowledge, the practical hints on which birds can be found where at a particular time of the year. They can point out bird hiding places, explain a bird call or song, help you identify the owner of the warble, and point out details of proof that birds are in the area, whether it be in the form of pellets, evidence of feeding signs, or simply fallen feathers.

When preparing to go birding, remember to wear comfortable clothes according to the weather. Nothing that swishes when you walk or move, but do wear muted or camouflage colors to harmonize with the surroundings do well. Pack the rest of this equipment according to need:

bird food
field guide
warm coat or raincoat
backpack or bag to carry paraphernalia

Closer to Home

To attract birds to your home, you can do several things. Setting up bird baths will draw many birds who love to bathe and play in the water. It will also entice those birds needing a drink. Preparing birdfeeders will lure birds, also. An interesting note is that specific species of birds like particular types of food. So, the type of feeder and your choice of food will determine who shows up in your window theater. Remember to feed according to the birds indigenous to your area.

Another option is to buy or build birdhouses. These will insure that birds return day after day. It makes birdwatching that much closer and easier. Rather than traipsing through woods, one can sit in an easy chair and, with the aid of binoculars, view the goings-on of the aves on the other side of the pane.


Mark & Kym Wright have homeschooled for 20+ years and teach 5 of their 8 children near Atlanta, Georgia. Kym pens the Learn & Do unit studies and wrote the Bird Unit Study which helps you in a more detailed study of birds. Visit her website at: Published in The Mother’s Heart magazine, a premium online publication for mothers with hearts in their homes. Visit for more information.