I’m learning to allow my heart to be broken over the pain of others and to let suffering become an opportunity to ask the Lord, “How do you want our family to respond?” I see my children’s hearts becoming tender as well.

Living the call

As I visited with Darrell, it became clear that his life is focused on a couple of important values: relationship with God and family. Darrell believes Jesus is the only real answer for his people. As he seeks to share Christ, he focuses on the needs of families and children.

Darrell is starting a private school with a strong home schooling component. He plans to offer a curriculum to help the parents learn how to disciple their kids. He firmly believes that teaching children of Christ in the context of every day life is key. He pleads with parents to make their children the priority saying, “The greatest thing a father can do for his children is to spend time with them.”

I, too, believe Jesus is the only answer for the hurting world and for my family. Like Darrell, I believe that a strong family focus is more important than money, success, or the myriad of activities that entice us. But it’s easy for me to get caught up in the business of running my family and accomplishing the many tasks that fill my day. Too often, I’m busy doing “stuff” that gets in the way of spending quality time with my children. I constantly seek to balance the children’s need to discover their own talents and passions with our needs as a family. It’s never an easy task.

Talking with Darrell this week has returned my focus to the call. God has called me to spend time with my children. Lots of it! He wants them to know that they are precious to Him and a delight to their parent’s heart. They taught this through the relationship my husband and I give them. May we live out the call.


To support Darrell as he ministers to the families of the Red Lake Reservation, you may donate to First Nations Ministries. You may contact Darrell Auginash at darrella@paulbunyan.net, call him at 218-586-3334, or write First Nations Ministries, 11559 Sandpiper Rd NE, Bemidji, Mn 56601. For a more detailed look at the Red Lake tragedy and its comparisons to Columbine, visit Torchgrab ministries at http://www.torchgrab.org/redlake.htm.

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