Thousands of students have chosen to take ownership of their education and avoid the traditional campus. Cumulatively, these education pioneers and their families have saved over $30 million dollars in tuition costs. You can do the same—start today! 

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Shawn Cohen is Public Relations Manager at CollegePlus! He completed his BA in English in less than twelve months using accelerated distance learning. Shawn is a Middle East enthusiast who enjoys wakeboarding and urban outreach where he lives in central Texas. He’d love to help you earn your degree at  

Woody Robertson is VP of Sales and Marketing at CollegePlus! and is a motivational speaker at homeschooling conventions across the country. Woody completed his BS in Business Administration in 2006 after eighteen months of study. He and his wife Gina make their home outside of San Antonio, Texas. 

Editor’s Note: Please note that references to specific colleges or universities are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by Home School Enrichment. As always, parents and students should research thoroughly before selecting a college.

Originally published in the May/Jun ’09 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine.