Not long ago I received a phone call that momentarily sent my heart leaping out my throat. On the other end of the phone I heard the nearly frantic voice of my 16-year-old daughter telling me she hit a patch of ice in the road, causing her to quickly slide into the opposing ditch, resulting in the car rolling over. 


Even though she assured me she was okay, I envisioned blood pouring down her face, a broken leg, or even worse. Almost immediately I felt in my spirit the Lord reminding me that even though I wasn't able to get to her right away, He was there with her.


This was evidenced to me as she told me of the accident. "We suddenly began sliding to the other side of the road. Then we almost stopped. But then we started sliding down into the ditch. It was then that we rolled over. I thought the windshield was going to come in on top of us, but we are okay."


My first question was naturally, "Who is with you?"


Not even noticing that she said "we" repeatedly, she seemed a bit perplexed by my question.


I began to wonder if she was so used to the presence of the Lord in her life that she lived a "we" life; a life where she knows that she is never alone.


Even though I couldn't immediately reach her, I was comforted knowing that she was being watched.


When I was finally able to talk with her in person the first words out of her mouth were, "As soon as I stopped rolling and saw that I was okay, I said, 'Thank you Lord!'"


Upon hearing that I sent up my own, "Thank you Lord!" Tears of joy came to my eyes as I thought of the verse, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." -- 3 John 1:4


God had given me a glimpse of His influence in the life of my daughter.  He showed me that she was indeed living a "we" life.


Earlier this week I was given another glimpse of God at work in her life. As most average teens tend to be, Ashley had plans for her day when a call came in that required her assistance immediately. The first need was for instant prayer. A friend of hers had an accident resulting in her being life-flighted to a major city. This meant that there was no one to tend the friend's horses. She has quite an extensive herd that requires a full days worth of chores. Ashley was the only one available who could answer the call to help. She didn't even hesitate to help.


When I spoke with her, again the verse from 3 John caused tears in my eyes as she said to me, "Mom, I am one of the few Christian influences in their lives.  I want them to know Jesus, by knowing me. For me to stay here and do their chores is the Christian thing to do."