CLEP - College Level Examination Program -- CLEP offers credit-by-examination in a wide range of subjects commonly required for college undergraduates. CLEPS may be taken by students of any age. Taking and passing even a few of these tests can save time and money and allow capable students to get into meatier, upper-level college courses sooner. Write for the free CLEP Colleges booklet. Although most colleges accept CLEP credits, not all do. Ask colleges you may be interested in for their CLEP policy. Our oldest received credit for all the CLEP tests he took.

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Of course, there is another option entirely: College at Home. This is becoming more and more popular with home schoolers but it is an article in and of itself. Finally, think of this as just another extension of your home schooling. Continue to pray, plan, and prepare as you go down the college path. Happy Trails!

Maggie Hogan is a motivational speaker and co-author of "The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide," "Gifted Children at Home," and other resource books. She and her husband Bob have been home schooling their boys since 1991. Involved in local, state, and national home-schooling issues, they both serve on boards of home education organizations in Delaware. They are also owners of Bright Ideas Press (, a home-school company dedicated to bringing the best practical, fun, and affordable materials to the home-school market.


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