Putting the Pieces Together

I think there is truth in the idea that to learn a foreign language, one must first learn how to learn a foreign language. Many multilingual individuals remark that their first foreign language was the easiest to learn, which I think is a testament to this fact. Foreign language study requires the understanding of concepts, memorization, and the ability to synthesize knowledge into a whole. Just as there are many learning styles, there are also many methods available to learn. A student’s ability to understand their own learning style and find study methods that cater to their strengths will greatly increase their level of success in language study—and help them keep those accents and umlauts straight! 

Published on April 3, 2009

Peter Groth was homeschooled K-12 by his parents, and is the creator of Adventure Languages, which produces foreign language programs designed specifically for homeschoolers. You can check out Adventure Languages at www.adventurefrench.com, and read more of Peter's writings at www.homeschooledanddangerous.blogspot.com

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