HSLDA is prepared to take action

First, HSLDA will oppose any attempt in any state to reduce homeschoolers' current freedom. Second, if any one of these bills dealing with state-mandated tests for homeschool students ever becomes law, HSLDA will immediately file a lawsuit to have the law declared unconstitutional.

We, as a homeschool community, cannot rest on our laurels. Every year, some legislators around the country try to roll back our freedoms. Although homeschooling seems to be winning the hearts of the general public, there are still those-such as teachers' unions and many public school administrators-who oppose this method of education. The NEA continues to insist that every child should be taught by a certified teacher. Until these attitudes change, home educators cannot rest.

What can you do?

The most effective strategy of the homeschool community in defeating bad bills and passing good ones is your participation. Without a strong grassroots response to legislation, homeschoolers will lose the freedoms we know today.

Our simple request is that when we do notify you of legislation and ask you to take action, you act. Everyone must act for our lobbying efforts to be effective with the legislature. Your telephone calls and letters, accompanied by a large turnout of homeschoolers descending upon the state capitol when requested, are key to defeating bad and passing good legislation.

Finally, the value of prayer cannot be ignored. Continue to pray for the protection of the homeschool community and the homeschool law in your state.

Even in the midst of an increasingly regulatory environment, if we will be faithful, I believe that we will maintain our liberties.

Reprinted with permission from The Home School Court Report. http://www.hslda.org/courtreport/