The final tip that I've learned, that applies not only to homeschooling but to parenting and household organization in general, is to store things as close as possible to where they will be used. If you do your read-aloud time in the family room, store your literature books there, even if they look better in the den. If science experiments are done in the kitchen, try to find cabinet space to store your equipment there. You will save yourself a lot of steps, not to mention stress, by following that one simple guideline.


Take some time and think through how one or more of these ideas can be applied in your home. I've never used all of these ideas at once, but different things have worked well at different seasons of our lives. A little thought, and a little planning, can go a long way toward making your home, and your homeschool, more organized and stress-free.

Lori Deese, along with her husband Ricky, homeschool their four children in Rockledge, Florida.


Reprinted with permission from Home School Enrichment Magazine. Click here for information on how to subscribe.