God says He is better than fine gold. If I really understood Him, I would seek Him like treasure. If someone assured me, "A million dollars is buried in your backyard and you have 45 minutes to look," I would dig. I'd dig with a spoon if need be. I'd dig on my knees. I would tune out everything for my treasure. I'd dig and forget the laundry.

Where can I find treasure? Where can I find truth? "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (2 Timothy 3:16). Doctrine is what's right; reproof, what's wrong. Correction tells us how to get there; and instruction in righteousness, how to stay there. It's the staying there part that I stumble with the most. For this reason it is critical to seek the Lord as treasure, to get His instruction constantly and stay the course. Some would call this abiding in Christ.

I like to read and can be inspired by others' thoughts. That's okay until they compete with Jesus. He is The Way. The solution. The Inspiration. He is all of it. Everything. The Beginning and End. Everything in between. I believe it.

Complacency catches up with me. Yet again, I stray. Life trickles by, a day at a time, and then I hit another milestone. A marker. I remember how urgently I must seek Him. I realize how fleeting these times are. I realize the most important things to do are the things HE calls me to do. I must hear His voice to do His will. I want to hang my head in shame, for how often it happens that I go my way. I sure don't deserve His mercy and love. But I get it. He's not rolling His eyes at me. He's not surprised. I tell Him I'm sorry, and before I can say, "forgive me," He has said, done, "It is finished."

One day perhaps I will have the great pleasure and privilege of baking a cake for our dear little boy and our precious little girl who have gone on before us. Here now on this Earth, another bittersweet birthday has passed and it is time to press on. Today I am so grateful to be with those I love. I'm so grateful that God has equipped us to fulfill all the plans He has for us during these days. Our responsibility calls for us to seek Him. It is only then we can begin to accomplish His plans for us. He has said, "You are bought with a price." We are His. One day He will ask each of us what we did with what He entrusted us to do--"So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God" (Romans 14:12).

In Luke 10:42, Jesus told Mary she chose the better thing "which shall not be taken away from her." Sometimes some pretty insignificant stuff sidetracks us. It takes us away from Him. Only the eternal really matters. As I number my days, I hope I remember that my life is not my own.


Marla is delighted to have accomplished her childhood dream of being a wife and mommy. Originally from the Shenandoah Valley, Marla is still a small-town girl at heart and cherishes her family and faith. Presently in her eleventh year of homeschooling, she is the mother to seven children, four still at home. Pleasures like a good cup of coffee or the first hydrangea bloom are simple things she appreciates. Admittedly a bit of a homebody, Marla delights in her family (most days!).

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