•   When will you be back home?

     •   Have you asked your mom what she thinks about it?

     •   Who else is going to be there?

     •   Will any guys be there at all?

     •   Were there any problems the last time you went?

     •   What did you do the last time?

     •   What will you be doing this time?

     •   By the way, what would you do if they started to watch a movie that you shouldn’t watch? Do you know what to do? Let’s go over that again.

     •   Here is a really big question for girls: “What are you going to do if they start talking about boys?” It is so destructive when girls go to each other’s houses, spend the night, and sit there for hours talking about boys.

     •   What kind of pictures does your friend have on the walls of her bedroom?

     •   Will you honestly give me a full report of everything that went on while you were there when you get back home?

That is an example of diligent-handed parenting. The parents aren’t simply leaving things to chance. They’re active, they’re watchful, and they’re on guard against anything that could threaten to take their child off the right path. The golden hand of the diligent parent is far more likely to produce the riches of charactered, happy, obedient, respectful, godly children than the slack hand. The slack hand just does not get it done.

There are those who claim that we lose our children to the world because we’re too strict. In reality, most parents who lose their children do so not because of strictness they should have loosened, but because of looseness they should have made stricter.

Now, let me clarify something here. When I refer to strictness, please understand that I’m not talking about harshness. Too often we get those terms mixed up. Strictness doesn’t have to be harsh. Instead, it should simply be a matter of upholding good, decent standards for our families out of love for God and love for our children. The problem comes when we don’t have our children’s hearts closely enough to institute and keep the right standards.

It’s tempting to take the easy way out and be slack in our parenting. However, we need to realize that we’re not talking about some insignificant task here. We’re talking about molding and shaping our children and nurturing their eternal souls. It is literally one of the highest callings on earth.

The slack hand results in poverty. However, when we approach our parenting with a diligent hand, we can expect to see the beautiful riches of happy, godly children in our homes. 

Coming in Part 2: Dr. Davis will continue his discussion of parenting with a diligent hand by looking at some of the things that can take our children off the right path and at how diligent parenting can keep them going in the right way.



Dr. S. M. Davis has been the pastor of Park Meadows Baptist Church for 33 years. He and his wife, Rae Jean, have been married for 38 years and have four children and 11 grandchildren. He also speaks widely in churches and at homeschool conventions on family-related issues. For more information about his ministry, visit www.SolveFamilyProblems.com or call 800-500-8853.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally preached as a sermon by Dr. S. M. Davis and is specially edited and adapted for publication in Home School Enrichment Magazine. For more information about Home School Enrichment, or to request a FREE sample issue, visit http://HomeSchoolEnrichment.com