O Lord, my Father, hear my prayer. Hear the sorrows and the joys intermingled that I lift to You. Hear my praise and thanksgiving as well as my pleas. Listen to my words, Lord God, and answer with Your own.

Bless my family, Lord, the lot of them, loud and crazy though we may be. Bless me, Lord, for I cannot be a blessing to them if I am too tired and stressed myself. Bless my husband, for he is truly a wonderful man, worthy of admiration as he strives to be like You. Bless my children, each one, in their unique little personalities, in their amazing little lives, bless them, Lord. Bless our home: it is not grand or worthy of a magazine, but it is home, Lord, and we love it.

How wonderful You are, Lord! How amazing Your creation! How I thank You for these precious children You have placed into our lives and our care and our teaching! I stand in constant amazement at the world around me, Lord, the world that You created. I am caught up in the beauty of even the smallest, simplest thing—the ladybug, the butterfly, the tulip just emerging. I am awed by the glory of the sun and the twinkling vastness of the night sky. I am amazed beyond words at the tiny, intricate details You have worked into everything. How amazing the human body! How fragile we are, and yet You have made us so strong! How truly miraculous the conception of a human soul, and the growth of that soul inside me, emerging as a blessed child! I am amazed at the workings of plants, the immensity of the solar system, the instincts of animals; of the love between husband and wife, parent and child! You are truly great, O Lord, truly amazing and powerful, and yet so loving and patient. You are the perfect parent, Father God, and how I wish I could be more like You!

Give my children the Christ-like attitude I so want them to have, Lord. Grant them the precious honor of a relationship with You. Help me as I try to bring them to You, Father, as I try to introduce them to the wonder that is You. Give them each a spirit of obedience both to us, their earthly parents, and to You, the ultimate authority. Give them each a spirit of cheerfulness as they go about their daily duties. Help them learn the joys of helping others, even if it is only a little brother. Give them each a spirit of compassion, of kindness, of joy. Help them see the miracle in each new day, the miracle of life, of nature, of salvation! Give them each a love for learning, a childlike curiosity that will not fade as they grow older. Give them Your love, O Lord, give them You. Give them safety and health and happiness, Lord. Give them good childhoods and good memories.

Give us a happy home, Lord. Let our beds always be warm and snug in winter, cool and dark in summer. Let our TV remain turned off most of the time, and our brains turned on. Let our kitchen always be filled with good food and our table with good dinner conversation. Bless our little home, Lord. Bless us all!

Help me realize always the great privilege of teaching my children. Help me keep in mind always that teaching them is also a great responsibility, a responsibility that You have commanded of each and every Christian parent. Help me take that responsibility with all seriousness, for it is so very important that our children are brought up according to Your commands and statutes. Help us bear in mind always that these children are only ours for a little while, that they are truly Your children, Lord, whom You have given to us for a season of life. Help me be willing, Lord, to give my all for the children's sake, because they truly are "the least of these," and so whatever I do for them, however I speak to them, however I act toward them, in these same ways I speak and act toward You.

Help me, Lord, to remember to see each of my children as You do. Help me to see the beauty in each one, their potential but also the beauty that resides in them right now, this moment, beauty in them because they are my blessing from You.