Help me to have patience, God. Patience with sticky messes and with bed-wetting, patience with frustrated learners and with cabin-fever whining. Grant me patience when emotions overflow and they lash out in hurt or anger toward me or toward each other. Grant me patience when asked to explain that same thing . . . again.

Grant me peace, Lord. Peace among the chaos that is our life. Help me to know the difference between peace and quiet, for sometimes the most truly peaceful moments are also the loudest. Give me peace when the children are sick or the day seems just too long. Give me peace when plans fail and days go horribly wrong. Give me peace when the critics mount against us and doubt and uncertainties begin to creep in. Give me peace, Lord, the peace that passes understanding. I don't need to understand it, Lord, I just need peace.

Bless me, Lord, with a true servant's heart. Help me find the joy in all the little ways I can serve my family. Give me a heart that loves to teach, even at the end of a trying day. Give me a heart that finds satisfaction in washing the dishes or doing the laundry, because in doing these things I care for my precious family. Give me a heart that swells with love when asked to read a book, sing a song, view an art project, read something my child has written, play a game, or just hold a small one on my lap. Help me, God, to die to myself and to heed the high calling of the servanthood of mothering. Help me, Lord, to realize what a privilege it is to be a mother to these wonderful children, to love them, care for them, and teach them every day.

Teach me humility, Lord God. Chastise me as a loving Father should when my heart and head stray and I do things out of selfishness or conceit. Show me where I am wrong, God, and help me to do what is right. Help me to do it for the right reasons. Help me always to remember that I am not perfect, that I am not even the best at what I do. Help me to humbly acknowledge that every good thing I do is done because You have graciously blessed me with the ability and knowledge to do it. Help me always to remember that I can do nothing without You—but all things are possible with You!

Help me to remember that sometimes children know more truth than I do and to listen and learn from these little blessings You have given me. Help me never to place myself above anyone else, or to think that I know it all, because pride goeth before a fall, and Lord, You know how proud I can be sometimes. And I'm awfully tired of falling.

Grant me wisdom, God. You know I need it! For though I may be knowledgeable by this world's standards, I know that true wisdom comes from You alone. Give me wisdom in choosing the things to teach my children, in knowing what books to use and what subjects to teach. Give me wisdom to discern when my children are ready for more solid spiritual food. Give me wisdom to answer the questions they ask, even the hard ones.

Above all else, give me love, Lord. Give me Your love when I'm weary. Give me enough love that it spills over, out of me onto the people around me. Give me love for my husband and children all day, every day, even on those days, Lord. If I have not love, I am nothing, God, but I have You, and You are love, so grant me a piece of You, this Holy Spirit that lives inside me. Help me to let You shine forth through me to my family.

In Jesus' name, amen. 

*This article published on April 26, 2010.

Heather Miller lives in northeastern Oklahoma with her husband, three kids, and five pets.  She and her husband have been homeschooling their children since 2004 and loving (almost) every minute of it.  In her spare time (what there is of it), Heather also enjoys reading, quilting, gardening, and baking. 

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