1The cubit was defined as the length of the forearm from elbow to fingertips. Ancient cubits vary anywhere from 17.5 inches to 22 inches, the longer sizes dominating the major ancient constructions. Despite this, even a conservative 18-inch cubit describes a sizeable vessel.

2See Dr. Donald Chittick, The Puzzle of Ancient Man, Creation Compass, Newberg, Oregon, 1998.

3More than 200 dog breeds exist today, all descended from one original dog "kind" (as have the wolf, dingo, etc.). Many other types of animals have been bred to achieve the wonderful variation in species that we have today. God programmed this variety into the genetic code of all animals—and even of humankind! God also made it impossible for the basic "kinds" of animals to breed. For example, cats and dogs cannot breed to make a new type of creature. This is by God's design, and it is one fact that makes evolution impossible.

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5For deeper study on this, see Nozomi Osanai, A Comparison of Scientific Reliability, a comparative study of the flood accounts in the Gilgamesh Epic and Genesis,

6See chapter 14 by Dr. Andrew Snelling of The New Answers Book for more details.