Throughout the Day

Those early morning wake-up calls ceased coming as often and when I forced them, the time wasn't nearly so sweet. While I grieved the passing of that precious season, I sensed the Lord wanted me to depend upon HIM, not just TIME with Him.

I tried all kinds of things to train myself to pray throughout my day. For a while, I decided to pray every time the kids fussed. It served two important purposes. The first was that I was talking to God A LOT. The second was my response to their squabbles was more self-controlled. I was reminded of the story of John Wesley's mother who is said to have thrown her apron over her head anytime she needed to pray. She blocked out her many children's demands with that simple act and they learned to wait until the apron came down!

I have a friend who prays while she vacuums. Many people pray as they take a quiet walk around the neighborhood. I've found that when I'm tempted to dwell on negatives--worries, hurt feelings, unresolved issues--I can let the struggle remind me to turn my thoughts to God.

Personal Retreats

A pastor suggested: "f you're struggling to spend five minutes alone with God every day, don't try to push it to ten. Instead, schedule some time away from your demands. Take an afternoon or a weekend with Him."

There's wisdom in his admonition. A few years ago my husband and I took a few days away from the children. We had some wonderful time together, but we also took time to be alone with God and we both came home spiritually refreshed. Sometimes I'll cash out for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and just read or pray. Scheduling extended time alone with God allows us to rest in Him and learn to listen.

The Bottom Line

Our Father knows our schedules, our lives, and the needs of the ones He's placed in our care. Our job is to give Him permission to reveal Himself to us and to trust Him with the different spiritual seasons. As we ask Him to show us the best time to spend with Him, He can be trusted to gently lead us to Himself. Instead of feeling guilty when life crashes upon us, we can rest in the truth that He will provide all our needs--including time alone with Him.


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