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Christian Homeschooling Resources

School in a Suitcase: How to Homeschool on the Road

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to a local historical site or an overseas adventure, traveling can provide your children with some of the most amazing educational experiences they’ll ever have.

  • Alexander Marestaing |
  • September 05, 2008 |
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Unleashing Energy: A Sneak Peek on How Things Work

Every object on Earth is held together by at least one of the four fundamental forces of nature: the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force, and gravitation. Let’s put these ideas to work and start doing science activities!

Camping: A Complete Unit Study

How can you possibly enjoy sleeping underneath the stars, cooking over a campfire, or hiking along hidden paths without the opportunity to learn while you’re at it? Let’s get started!

Bugs: Creepy, Crawly, Weird, and Icky

I’m writing this article as a plea to consider the creepy, crawly, weird, and icky world of bugs. They are so cool, and in our home we find them fascinating.

  • Dr. Heather W. Allen |
  • August 01, 2008 |
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How Do I Learn about Learning Styles?

Just what's the fuss about learning styles? What is the concept? How do I understand how I learn best? And what about my children?

The Invention of Mechanical Refrigeration

We may take the refrigerator for granted - especially on hot summer days - but when you look back at its history, you’ll see that it’s only been around since the early 1900s.

Keeping Little Ones Busy

If you have a baby, toddler, or preschooler in your home, you know how difficult it can be to keep them busy and happy while schooling your older children.

Teaching Art When Crayon is My Best Medium

I am art challenged. I don’t do well at drawing, painting, sculpting, origami, or underwater basket weaving. But I do appreciate beautiful things, and I deeply want my own children to express themselves and have a chance to unleash their God-instilled creativity.

Scotland – A Small Country with a Surprising Impact

Known for its breathtaking beauty, perhaps best left for artists and poets to describe, this small, almost hidden country on England’s northern border is a place we ought to explore.

Baking and Cooking: A Delicious Unit Study, Part II

Each time we mix, saute, baste, broil, fold, steam, and marinate, we learn a little bit more about cooking and baking and all the fun that goes into it. This week, we'll see how your kids can learn history, geography, reading, and writing in the kitchen...

10 Important Educational Activities for Preschoolers

Writer Amelia Harper shares 10 important, age-appropriate activities for parents with preschool-age children.

Mom, I Want to Learn Urdu! Part II

Once you have decided on a language, the next step is choosing a language program. Peter Groth gives guidance on how to tackle this daunting task...

Mom, I Want to Learn Urdu! Part I

“Mom, I want to learn Urdu.” A simple sentence like this can send a wave of trepidation through a homeschooling parent, even if the foreign language your child desires to learn is of a less exotic variety than Urdu...

Homeschooling Special Needs Children

When the doctor first mentioned our adopted son might be mildly autistic, it confirmed my suspicions, but left me feeling inadequate. Then I found some wonderful resources which helped me believe that "Yes, I can!" homeschool a special needs child.

What My Paper Route Taught Me

Hands-on learning helps our children think and grow in ways that books and teachers can’t. That’s why I encourage families to take on a weekly neighborhood paper route as an integral part of their children’s education...

  • Linda Joyce Heaner |
  • April 24, 2008 |
  • comments
Everything Old is New Again!

When I began homeschooling I would find old books at antique shops, garage sales, or on the Internet. But I had little idea that some old books were being re-published—even whole sets—and I have since used these books time and time again. The two sets we will discuss here will be McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers and Ray’s Arithmetic...

Exercising: A Complete Unit Study That Will Keep You Healthy

Exercising is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. Whether we get our exercise from shoveling snow, running, playing, climbing stairs, or chasing our brother across the yard, the act of getting our muscles moving, our blood racing, and our heart pumping is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Writing for the Future

Good communication can be an important element for success. The more our writing improves, the better we will communicate. What can homeschoolers do to prepare their children in this way for the future?

Why is Easter so Early this Year?

Easter falls on March 23rd this year. This will be the earliest Easter anyone alive today will ever see! So, how exactly do Christians determine when Easter will fall from year to year?

The Inuit: A Complete Unit Study

Travel in snow-covered land isn’t always easy. Dogsleds are the fastest and most reliable way to travel over snow. Inuit and many people living in the Arctic Circle still use dogsleds everyday, even when there are snowmobiles and other vehicles available...

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