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Christian Homeschooling Resources

Insight Into Lives and History...

Home Schooling and Second Guessing

Even seasoned home schoolers second-guess if they have chosen the right method for their children.

The Astronomy of Passover

Christians in Science: Robert Boyle

Enhance Your Curriculum with Art!

Homeschool Dads: Going from Principal to Participant

Attention home school dad! Yes, you are the one. The school disciplinarian, the principal, the one who keeps law and order, the one who talks softly and carries a "Big Stick" You are also the counselor who encourages your wife as she diligently strives to educate your children...

For the "I Hate Grammar" Crowd

The Mailbox Project

Reading Rules and Tools

  • Peggy M. Wilber, M.Ed |
  • January 28, 2004 |
  • comments
Goals for Good Readers

  • Peggy M. Wilber, M.Ed. |
  • January 21, 2004 |
  • comments
The Best of Reading Programs

  • Peggy M. Wilber, M.Ed. |
  • January 14, 2004 |
  • comments
The Educational Value of the Lord of the Rings

What is the educational value of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic works?

Great Christmas Books for Kids

  • Laura MacCorkle |
  • December 11, 2003 |
  • comments
Christmas and Geography

  • Maggie S. Hogan |
  • December 04, 2003 |
  • comments
Can My Child Learn to Love the Classics?

But I Don't Have Time to Read!

Teach your children the powerful principle that leaders must be readers.

Learning Styles: Part 3 - The Focused Learner

The focused learner has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. He will learn despite you!

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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