Places to Go

I would love to take you back in time to visit this prominent city-state in ancient Greece so that we could experience even just a little of their culture, but you will have to use your imaginations and do a little research of your own.  Please visit, and may your hearts and minds be transported and inspired to live a life of self-sacrifice and excellence for the King!

Videos to See 

The following videos are vital for any serious student who desires to cultivate a life of excellence built on the foundation of Godly character and a self-disciplined lifestyle. Each video will help you understand the trends and cultural influences of our day that will enable you to plan and strategize how you can be most effective with your God-given giftedness and skills.

The Call of the Entrepreneur
Effective Stewardship
The Birth of Freedom

Demographic Winter produced by Barry McLerran
Crying Wolf by Jeffrey King


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4. You can read the reviews for each DVD at

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