By establishing these systems some years ago, our school time became much more peaceful.  Those little distractions of misplaced items, missing supplies, and other frustrating ODD symptoms seem to be finally cured.  These simple ideas have even spurred organizational success in other areas of our household as well.  We all have methods that help our days go more smoothly, and I'd love to hear yours.  I pray that these tips will encourage you to seek ways to increase the peace in your school time and that ODD will be forever cured in your home as well.

I will happily share any of the above-mentioned charts, etc. to any who email me the request.

*This article published September 22, 2009.


Michelle Painter is a wife and best friend to Bobby, a mother to four amazing sons, and a former public school teacher called by God to home school.  She considers home schooling a challenge, a privilege, and an undreamt of blessing.  She prays that others may glean encouragement, empowerment, and blessings from what she writes.  She would love for you to email her at or visit her blog at .