1. At the time of writing, one of the leading researchers claiming to show “human-like” features in animals, Harvard Professor Marc Hauser, is being investigated for “irregularities” in his data, which cast a shadow over all of his work—see “Harvard star in misconduct probe over monkey minds,” New Scientist, 21 August, 2010, p. 14. 

2. See creation.com/bird-brain-matches-chimps.

3. Science News, Vol. 149 No. 3, January 20, 1996, pp. 42–43.

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6. In English, “The cat has bitten the dog” is the proper syntax or word order, whereas in German, it would be “The cat has the dog bitten.” 

7. German and English. 

8. Note that when the periosteum is left intact, ribs routinely regenerate; Adam did not have to walk around with a defective ribcage. See the booklet Adam’s Rib: Creation and the Human Body on creation.com/store.

9. That does not mean that God is not involved when things occur “naturally,” but it does not involve the extraordinary operation of God as in miracles like raising the dead, and creation itself.

10. The rare and tragic cases of truly “feral” children, those only ever having interaction with wild animals rather than humans, show the need for human contact to develop language. If left for too many years before being reclaimed by society, they may never learn to speak. 

11. Some have speculated that the original language was Hebrew, but we can’t know for certain what it was or whether it even survived the Babel event. Even if it did, languages can become extinct. 

12. This provides an obvious answer to the Bible critic’s claim that Adam could not have known what death was when God warned him of it. It is also relevant to any discussion of Adam naming some (not all) of the kinds (not species) of creatures as God brought them to him.  

13. Globalization and television operate to oppose this by moving languages closer together again but in a different way—e.g., since WW2, hundreds of English words have found their way into the German language.

14. See creation.com/bird-brain-matches-chimps.

Dr. Carl Wieland is the Managing Director of Creation Ministries International (CMI) in Brisbane, Australia. Originally a medical doctor; he has headed the Australian Creation ministry for more than twenty years. A well-known speaker and writer on Creation issues, he also served as a director of one of the largest Creation organizations in the USA while it was still a part of the same grouping. CMI currently consists of seven international affiliates, including an office in Atlanta. The Creation magazine he founded now reaches subscribers in more than 140 countries.

Publication date: October 5, 2012