• Using the letters in the words THANK YOU or GRATEFULNESS, create a unique thank-you card for someone. For example, you might work together to make this large, poster-size thank-you card for your neighbors:

                   The very best neighbors in the world!

                   Hospitality and happiness!

                   And for getting our mail when we go out of town.

                   Nice to have neighbors we trust and enjoy!

                   Knowing you is the best part of living here!

                   Sooooooooooo glad you’re our neighbors!

Thank you for getting our mail

and watering our plants while we were on vacation.

We appreciate you!


The Sandusky Family

Donna and her husband Timus have been blessed with the privilege of educating both of their children at home (1983-1999), depending daily on God’s grace for wisdom and strength. They take great delight in encouraging families who are currently enjoying that adventure!

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